At the site of Reichsmarschall Hermann Görings country residence Carinhall, there is not much to be seen above ground besides rubble and the two guardhouses, but beneath is a different matter. I found a very small entrance to the Carinhall bunker.




The only building left is the beautiful Carinhall guesthouse 'Döllnsee'. It is a hotel.


In Gross Schönebeck there is an exhibition called "Jagd Und Macht", which is a historic view on the Carinhall era.

This is the only known remaining pillar from the entrance of Carinhall.

This is the three bronze statues made by german sculptor Arno Breker called "Anmut(1938), Eos(1942) and Schreitende(1940)". They were found in a near by lake in the seventies. They use to be placed at the Carinhall estate.