At the Deutsches Historisches Museum in Berlin, they have a perfect copy of the original model of the never build Great hall of the people (Grosssen halle des folkes), designed by Albert Speer in 1938. It measured 250 metres in diameter and 290 metres high, being the largest enclosed space in the world, with room for 180,000 visitors. It should have been the center piece of Hitlers new Berlin "Germania".

Hitlers orginal desk from his office in the New Chancellery also designed by Albert Speer.

This globe was produced for Joachim von Ribbentrop. It came from a small series of extremely large globes produced for the Third reich, designed by Paul Ludwig Troost. Only four globes was made, two for the New Chancellery, one for Hitlers Berghof and this one from the Foreign Office on Wilhelmstrasse in Berlin. A bullet has been shot through the area of northern Europa and the globe has signs of blows that were made with a blunt object.